Offshore Cone Penetration Test (CPT) equipment

Foundations for the construction of wind farms, installations for oil & gas and civil works are required at ever increasing water depths. Cone Penetration Test (CPT) equipment needs to cope with these deep water circumstances.

For offshore water depths up to 4,000 m but also for near shore water, you can rely on Cone Penetration Test (CPT) tools and soil samplers from A.P. van den Berg. For more than 40 years the engineers from this innovative company in Heerenveen, The Netherlands, have been making soil investigation systems available for seabed CPT

Various CPT systems are available: seabed systems, wire-line systems for drill pipes and systems installed on a jack-up platform.

ROSON seabed CPT systems

Deployed from a vessel with moon pool, A-frame or crane.
Various types available: variations in pushing force (50, 100 or 200 kN), dimensions, water depth (up to 4,000 m) and rod submission. 
Placed on the seabed for performing CPTs, seismic CPT tests, shear vane tests and soil samples.
Electrical wheel drive system pushes the string into the seabed.
Comes with:
1. a self-tensioning electric winch for heave compensation with max. 1,500 m cable storage or;
2. without winch for near shore jobs at water depths up to 300 m or;
3. for ultra-deep water, with a self-tensioning electric winch with level winder for proper layering of the optical fibre umbilical.
High-quality soil samples with a length up to 25 m (recovery ratio higher than 95%) can be taken using the Seabed Sampler XL.
Available since 1982.
Track-record unequalled by any company in the industry.

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WISON-APB wireline CPT systems

Deployable from any available drill ship.
Multipurpose tool enables an easy switch between CPT, shear vane testing, seismic CPT testing and soil sampling.
Comes with a self-tensioning electric winch for heave compensation resulting in a longer live span of the umbilical cable.
Available in three versions: variations in pushing tool length (0 to 3 m), pushing force and achievable water depth (550 or 1,000 m).
Available since 1974.
The standard in wire-line Cone Penetration Test (CPT) systems.
For ultra-deep water depths a special version with a pushing force of 100 kN is available for CPT, shear vane testing and soil sampling. The pushing tool has an adjustable stroke form 0 to 3 m and a winch that is optimized for high travel speeds of the tool in the drill pipe. 

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Seabed Soil Sampler XL

Piston soil sampler that takes high-quality samples with a diameter of 110 mm and a length up to 20 m from the seabed.
Developed in co-operation with NGI.
Deployable at water depths up to 4,000 m.
Very little disturbance, the recovery ratio is higher than 95%. This is based on:
- two types of cutting shoe that perfectly match the type of soil; one with a tinner casing esspecially for soft clays and one with a thicker casing suitable for stiffer soils
- the core retainer which is open during sampling
- a piston that minimizes the forces ecerted on the sample
- a positioning system that keeps the system in its place
- the connection mechanism of the sample tubes that seperates the sample on the spot without damaging it
Can be pushed into the soil by any ROSON seabed CPT unit.

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